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Migration v1 -> v2 Guide
If you used before the FLIP v2 migration, this guide may be helpful for you.
Starting from May 2021, all v1 Farms will be progressively discontinued and users will have to migrate manually to v2 Farms.
Rest assured, the migration is actually very easy, and this guide will help you go through it 😎

Step-by-step Guide

I. Unstake from the farms

1. Visit and select the v1 farms in which you added liquidity previously.

2. Unstake from the farm

3. Select Max, as v1 FLIP tokens will soon have lower liquidity, and there is not much interest in holding these for longer. Then press Confirm.

4. Verify and Confirm the transaction on your wallet

II. Remove the Liquidity from the v1 Pools

1. Visit to remove liquidity from v1 FLIP pools.

In case you joined the BNB-STKN pool, you will need to import it manually. Other pools should show up naturally and you will be able to remove liquidity by following the user interface.

2. Once in the Import Menu, click "Select a token" and manually type the address of Stakin Yield Token (STKN): 0x822768cf477be7cc2c48003513af717efa31bc31, then select "STKN"

3. Once the pool is found, you can return to the Liquidity menu

4. Select the pool you wish to remove liquidity from (in this case STKN/BNB)

5. Click Remove to remove liquidity from the pool

6. Select 100% to remove all liquidity from the pool, then Approve the transaction

7. Click Remove, then verify and confirm the details of the transaction

8. Verify and Confirm the transaction in our wallet

9. Once confirmed, wait a few seconds and you should be able to see the confirmed transaction on Bscscan block explorer. The next step is to manually add liquidity into V2 pools.

III. Add Liquidity into V2 FLIP Liquidity Pools

1. Visit in order to add Liquidity to PancakeSwap v2 FLIP pools, and click on Add Liquidity

2. Select the currency pair you would like to become a Liquidity Provider for by click Select Currency.

3. A list of tokens will show up. If you want to provide Liquidity to STKN token, you need to add it manually by typing the token contract address 0x822768cf477be7cc2c48003513af717efa31bc31.

4. Input the number of currencies you'd like to provide (always in a 50/50 ratio), then press the Supply button

5. Verify the details and confirm the transaction

6. Verify and confirm the transaction in your wallet

Now that you've supplied Liquidity to V2 Pools, the next step is to get back to farming STKN! πŸ§‘β€πŸŒΎπŸŒΎ

IV. Stake in the new V2 farms

1. Select the farms you want to stake in (you'll need V2 FLIP tokens, cf above)

2. Click the Add button

3. Select the amount of LP tokens you'd like to stake and click Confirm

4. Verify and Confirm the transaction in your wallet

5. You've successfully migrated! πŸ₯³

Throughout this guide, we've used the STKN-BNB migration as an example (it's actually the trickiest one, as it requires you to manually add STKN token on PancakeSwap v1 and v2 interfaces using our address 0x822768cf477be7cc2c48003513af717efa31bc31). Depending on the v1 pool you were farming, you may have to reproduce these steps a few times. The other pools should not require you to manually add a token.
Congrats on the great job 😎
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