Yield Farming
Once you've added Liquidity to the Pools, and if you own some FLIP tokens or STKN tokens, you can earn more STKN.
Stakin Finance uses FLIP v2 tokens and PancakeSwap for Liquidity. In order to add liquidity, please check the links below.
In case you want to add Liquidity to BNB-STKN FLIP pool, you will need to manually type STKN contract address when Selecting Currencies to add Liquidity: 0x822768cf477be7cc2c48003513af717efa31bc31

Step-by-step Guide

1. Visit the farm section of the website

2. Pick which farm you want to use, for example, BNB-BUSD, then click "Add"

3. Deposit your FLIP tokens into the Farm 🧑‍🌾

4. Verify the data and confirm the transaction in your wallet

5. Watch your STKN balance grow and harvest frequently 😎

Last modified 8mo ago
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